Sunday, November 16, 2008

More news from SILMO

What recession? In San Francisco business is booming and that, Ladies and Gents, reflects on the amount of time we are able to devote to blogging. Finally we managed to steal a moment to tell you more about what happened at SILMO trade show a couple of weeks ago.

The show was interesting to say the least and what we saw could be best described as "feast or famine". While some vendors were desperate to attract clients, any client, others like DeromeBrenner and Orgreen Optics were always full of happy buyers stocking up on goodies for next year.
You've already read about our time with Xavier and Aurelia, and at the show, the atmosphere at the DB booth was equally hectic and exciting. Typical DeromeBrener environment - out of chaos great things are born!

We then went on to hang with our favorite Danish crew - the Orgreens - and that is always an explosive affair. What a fantastic bunch they are!

Henrik Orgreen and his team never disappoint and the time we spent with Orgreens at the show was not only productive but relaxing and extremely festive. Please tell us, how do these guys keep coming up with coolest shapes in the industry?

This is a rhetorical question of course. We know exactly how they manage to be ahead - talent, loads of raw, unrestrained, unconfined talent. And imagination! New shapes like Vanquish, Speedster and Cougar will becoming in late '08/early '09 and we promise you, you will not be disappointed. Also, fasten your seatbelts for new finishes and color schemes....
Matte on the outside, shiny on the inside, these new color combinations are like creative time bombs that explode with style on your face, turning your frame into a objet d'art rather than a medical device.

Thank you, Sahra!!! We love your sense of style and your understanding of color!

There were more cool things and after Orgreens, right next to their booth, there she was, tall, blond, wearing cool jacket, jeans and the coolest pair of black acetate frames... Turns out of her own design.

Sandra Kauffmann
designs for Strada del Sole, a Swiss brand we've been eying for 2 years. Unfortunately, up until now, there were no ophthalmic styles, just sunglasses. Well, not anymore! A super cool collection of edgy and sophisticated acetate shapes has been added and we are getting in it January! Prepare to be impressed!!

More to come!

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