Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Villains vs. 007 .....

or Cutler and Gross wipes the floor with Tom Ford.
James Bond may win the battle this time, but in reality, the prize for stylish set of specs goes to the Bad Guy.

James Bond, the epitome of cool and everything perfect. The girls, the suits, the cars, Bollinger RD....
But how about the sunglasses? Look closer, at the proportion. Notice the silly asymmetry and dissemblance Dan Craig has been saddled with. No doubt, people from Tom Ford got to the stylists and forced the "latest" shape on the poor guy. What a shame.
The size is too small, shape is too feminine and the overall look is way off base when it comes to dressing up the most lethal agent British secret service has to offer.
What we can tell you is nobody called Spectacles For Humans to inquire about the frames 007 is wearing.... Yeah, it's from Tom Ford , whatever.
But in the past few weeks all we hear is "Do you guys carry that Cutler frame the bad dude is wearing in "Quantum of Solace"?
Sorry fellas, that one is available in London only, and even we can't procure it. The other guy's frame....Well, it's gonna be on every shelf of every sunglasses joint you can find. Make your own conclusions about who is the cool one here.


Anonymous said...

awesome blog, added to my reader.

07Negative said...

I said the same thing Dimitri. About this sunnies. how small of a frame were they gonna put on this guy? it's just all bad. i mean. Would u put a non tailored suite on this guy? I think not. Why do it to his face?