Saturday, January 17, 2009

SFH - not just for San Franciscans

This week we received several photos from our clients wearing Spectacles for Humans' selections and some came from as far as Chile and Poland.
La Carmina is a funky and stylish blogger from Vancouver who recently discovered Spec Espace eyewear. She had to have a pair! Read more here.

While vacationing in Chile Ramil did not miss the opportunity to pose in a classy Spectacles for Humans t-shirt and a pair of ultra-rare handmade frames from Japan. Sadly, we cannot mention the brand of frames he's wearing.

And our talented musical friend Marcin Czubala is rocking dance floors all over Europe in his Dita Grand Master II. We suspect he is even swifter with the knobs now.

Other sizzling hot news....
We are continuing to work on our Los Angeles project and all we can say, prepare to be blown away.

Spectacles for Humans never ever takes conventional approach to anything and we decided to stay true to our principals and do something different in LA. Instead of opening another optical store somewhere on Melrose or 3rd or Montana or some mall, we are setting shop up in a loft in beatiful downtown LA. The architecture and the vibe are simply incredible and we simply cannot pass wait to become another business contributing to revitalization of the area.

To make things even sweeter we are working on special arrangements to have most incredible product for our opening, and maybe, just maybe.............Spectacles for Humans band -
Doktor Ludwig von Grunhauser - will be ready to play a few tunes. To put it simply, it will be a very special optical store.


La Carmina said...

Thanks for the link! Here's the permalink (stable URL) to my glasses post -

Anonymous said...

PE Lofts is an amazing place, good choice.