Monday, February 16, 2009

Feast your Reiz

The new website for one of our favorite eyewear design collectives - REIZ - is up and it is very nicely done.

Please check it out for yourself:

REIZ frames are beautiful. Sleek curves and sharp contours not only exist here but interweave and merge to create an amazing form that's rarely seen in spectacles. With quality beyond that anyone expects from a pair of frames and the finishing so refined it makes your jaw drop, one can only imagine how much time and effort go into one set of REIZ frames. And so it is with pleasure we will share our opinion and announce the verdict - REIZ is the best acetate eyewear line in Germany today.


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Tate said...

Love your blog which is always interesting - mainy because you seem to have fun doing it! Your passion isn't just for spectacles I suspect!
Would you trade links?
I'm Tate from based in the UK but with about half my visitors from the US.