Thursday, April 16, 2009


The mystery of lost package was solved yesterday when we finally pinned down our local post office employees and told them to cough up the box or else. Sure thing, the precious package was collecting dust for more than 2 weeks due to some ridiculous customs paperwork request. Typical!!

But there is no need to be negative, we are not talking about Oliver Peoples here.
RLTD frames are here, and we are ecstatic!!! Might as well let you in on a little secret... Spectacles for Humans is working on a book/buying guide and REIZ is one of our top 5 eyewear brands in the world right now. So yeah, we are absolutely thrilled it did not get lost. Phew...

This and next week we are showing RLTD in our new showroom in Los Angeles. This means that if you are anywhere near SoCal, this is your chance to try some of the most exquisite acetate gems you will ever find.

But lets assume you were born yesterday and have no clue about REIZ, never mind RLTD. Well if you got a minute, we'll tell you all about it.

REIZ is a German eyewear design company started in 1996 by Jochen Gutbrod and Franz Reutter. We like to think the firm believes quality will save the world because everything they produced so far was close to holy.
To avoid looking like another cookie cutter line, the designers choose to hand draw all the shapes giving each frame a different personality. Then later, during production, the frames go through dozen of stages : laminating, cutting, edging, buffing, with polishing done at the very end. Naturally they choose the hard way to polish their frames - by hand and using chemises. The final product are some of the most innovative and fashion forward spectacles in the history of frame making and with their mirror like finishes will startle you by their refined and subtle beauty.

The RLTD is a Limited Collection of 4 styles of sunglasses. Each style is available in 4 colors and there are 100 pieces produced of each color.
What makes the Collection special is company's ability to take the matter to its highest form creating a marvelous set of acetate spectacles, then deconstructing it. After the final polishing is done RLTD frames went through a special treatment during which the top layer of glossy finish is removed exposing the rough texture of acetate. The effect is utterly stunning.

RLTD Mark I in Grey.

RLTD Mark I in Olive.

RLTD Mark I, set number 15. This is only set of RLTD in North America.

RLTD Mark I in Brown.

RLTD Mark II in

RLTD Mark II in Olive.

RLTD Mark II in Black.

RLTD Mark II in Brown.

Rough beauty by REIZ.

RLTD Mark III in Olive.

RLTD Mark IV in Black.

RLTD Mark IV in Olive.

RLTD Mark IV in Sand.

RLTD Mark IV in Grey.

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What a beautiful collection.