Monday, April 13, 2009

Bottega Louie Downtown LA

You may not know it but the folks at Spectacles for Humans don't eat no foolish things. We like our food the way we like the glasses - fresh! A couple of us, we are certain, must have been chefs in our previous lives, and the rest of the gang simply enjoy culinary escapades as well-educated spectators.
So when Bottega Louie opened its doors on 7th and Grand in Downtown LA last week, we were all over it, first the bar, and then the restaurant, hitting the deli counter on the way out.

3 yeahs here! 800 degrees oven will send your thin crust pizza out in just 3 minutes. Delectable and airy pastries will make your head spin. Superb cocktails will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and very very hungry for more!

See ya'll at BL sometimes!

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