Friday, April 24, 2009

SPIVVY at Spectacles For Humans LA

As you may know we at Spectacles for Humans are big fans of all things Japanese - denim, green tea, synthesizers, Super Mario and of course eyewear.
While it is common knowledge in the industry that if you want quality you must travel East no retailer ever goes shopping for frames to Japan. We were the first white people to go shopping to IOFT in 2007 and what we saw and discovered went far and beyond our wildest expectations. And it all started with SPIVVY.

If the frame says Made in Japan, it does not necessarily mean it is actually made in Japan. Many Japanese companies have subsidiaries and factories in Korea and China and there the majority of lower and medium priced eyewear will be produced. Even some "high-end" outlets do this, you know who you are.
This is not the case with Kaneko Optical, the parent company of SPIVVY.
Kaneko employs some of the best known and talented craftsmen in Japan and their product clearly shows their dedication to high standards of production. Exquisitely polished, with endless twists and facets, in the hands of skilled artisans the acetate comes alive and we press you hard to find the equivalent in Europe. We are not implying there is no quality acetate coming out of EU these days. Our friends at REIZ and DeromeBrenner come to mind right away, few others are not too far behind, but there is just something special about traditional Japanese approach to aesthetics and beauty in general. It attracts us on a different level.

frames are never loud, and all we learned from working with frames of this nature, they never have to be to impress the right person. So this post is as much homage to clients as it is to beautiful frames. Without you, product does not matter.

Thank you and please enjoy.

SPIVVY at Spectacles For Humans LA

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