Friday, May 8, 2009

Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode wears Orgreen

Every week our mailbox sees more celebrity/eyewear related spam than we can shake a broom at. Companies which we don't even deal with think it is important to let us know Britney, Damon or Madonna were seen wearing their sunnies...
Let's make something clear. We maybe in LA now, but we are from San Francisco and we are fiercely independent. From ours and our clients' perspective a picture of Tom Cruise wearing a certain frame equals kiss of death. In fact to avoid future complications, if there is a connection to cheesy celebrity we go the distance and let our clients know. They decide who they want to be associated with.

With that in mind, there are some celebs out there who we love and admire. Hey, we are humans after all.
And that is why when we see our guys wearing cool specs, we go bonkers. Yeah, absolutely. Because there could not be a better model for Orgreen frames than Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode. Cool frames on cool people.
And when it's all done by virtue of happenstance, not as a PR stunt, it makes it even sweeter. Give us more, please!!!
depeche mode dot com

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Anonymous said...

Im a Depeche Mode fan and I cant help but notice how lame Andrew Fletcher is. Watch a live show. Not cool, but very lame. I wish it wasnt true, but it is.