Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Industrial beauty of Derapage

At Spectacles For Humans you won't find frames covered in rhinestones. It's not that we think there is no place for such a thing in eyewear, it's just there is no place for it on our shelves. Instead of being everything for everyone, like most shops, we stick with what we like and simple graceful lines is just that.

What attracted us to Derapage frames right away was how distinctly un-Italian the line initially looked. Stainless steel, fiber glass, carbon, rubber, rivets. Just hearing these words you'd think Germany, or maybe Japan. The French sounding name only adds to confusion but when you live with the collection for a year or two you start to understand behind it all is nothing but pure Italian design.

Clear rubber coated temples create sleek look and make sure frames grip to your skull like a koala to a tree branch.

Our favorite detail - three layers of steel make a uniform turn.

Temple detail.

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