Saturday, June 6, 2009

Strada Del Sole and MYKITA: what's the difference?

One of the recent online requests to Spectacles For Humans came from Mexico with client inquiring about the structural difference between MYKITA and Strada Del Sole frames.

Technically both are made of steel. Surgical steel for MYKITA and 4 different types of steel for Strada Del Sole, which are used in different components of the frame (hinge, temple, front, bridge clip).

MYKITA frames are completely screw less, eliminating that pesky problem of screws finding their way out. The genius hinge design allows for complete and total flexibility while providing unparalleled wearability and close to zero maintenance. Typical stress points of a normal frame - soldered hinges - are eliminated and as a result the owners of MYKITA frames need not to worry about being too careful with their stylish optical possessions.

While material is similar, Strada Del Sole frames are build in a completely different manner with temples designed to close completely flat against the front. Both lines offer frames that are ridiculously lightweight and comfortable, durable and stealthily luxurious.

Regardless of structural differences we find both lines equally attractive and it always comes down to personal style when people are choosing between the two. MYKITA frames are clean and sleek, reserved and undeniably German in its simplicity.

Strada Del Sole are less formal and easily recognized by the impeccably designed details. And if you see MYKITA sunnies on Brad Pitt and the likes, Strada Del Sole specs are so new even Hollywood's sharpest stylists haven't heard of it. Just give it time, we say...

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