Monday, August 3, 2009

Luxottica Copies Orgreen Optics

Beethoven sought inspiration in poetry of Robbie Burns, Dali found works of Sigmund Freud on subconsciousness extremely stimulating. Music, literature, fashion, art. Every field sees its share of creative borrowing. It's totally OK to seek inspiration, but it is here where you will see the true artist whose admiration of a great work of art or an object leads to creation of a beautiful thing that is new and undeniably his own. Many artists and designers touch off material created before them and the talented ones succeed. And those who lack creativity, they simply copy.

It recently came to our attention that Ray Ban, a legendary brand of last century, released a frame that did not just remind us of Orgreen designs, but looked very much exactly like the frame by Orgreen Optics from a couple of seasons ago. Naturally, we wanted to share this wonderful piece of news with you.

ORGREEN Intruder.

Ray Ban's version of ORGREEN frame.

Folks at Orgreen are laughing about it for now, saying people at Ray Ban should have asked for help if they needed it, but we find this matter very unsettling. Orgreen is small company, and Ray Ban is a house brand of the eyewear giant Luxottica.
We found this statement on Luxottica's site : "The idea for a model comes spontaneously, like a stroke of lightning. "
Obviously, in the case of this model, the lightning was of Danish origin.


zack said...

This confirms my suspicions about Luxottica.

Anonymous said...

This is really disturbing. It is just wrong to see a company doing something so unethical. Not only did they steal the design, but they managed to ruin it as well. It goes to show that Orgreen is a true leader in their field.