Saturday, September 18, 2010

ZERO G Airstream

Upon their return to Earth in 1969 the crew of Apollo 11 were quarantined in an air-sealed modified AIRSTREAM Trailer where they were observed, to see whether they brought back lunar pathogens back with them.

40 years later and neither you nor anyone at Spectacles For Humans are astronauts. BUMMER. No pathogens, no lift off sickness, no squeezing steaks out of tubes. Life is still the same. Get up, let's go, hello morning muffin.

Well, this year, the guys behind ZERO G are not gonna change that, but they will change the way you try eyewear. Their own shiny Airstream is not that tightly sealed but the frames you'll find inside are as light as air. Prepare to see the ZERO G trailer parked in front of the best eyewear stores on the West Coast soon

In the meantime, while you keep yourself busy looking checking whether the Airstream in front of you on I-5 is a ZERO G trailer, lets get back on the ground, and mention one tiny-little-guilty-earthly pleasure called wearing sunglasses at night.

Be you a celebrity, a habitual drunkard, a shady guy on the corner, or as Spectacles For Humans' own Grunhauser, sometimes you simply need a certain buffer zone between you and the public. The problem is everyone sees you and you can't see S&$).

Seeing well is crucial while performing and that is why Spectacles For Humans, in partnership with Zero G and a super secret lab facility, developed the first ever special eyewear for DJ's and musicians. Available in both Rx and non-Rx version, the frames will become available soon at SFH showroom in Downtown Los Angeles.

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