Saturday, November 13, 2010

HOYA Phoenix lenses

We admit, writing about lenses is not as exciting as writing about a cool new eyewear collection, but the reality is we all need to see and some kind of lens will go into our frames eventually. There all kinds of different companies on the market, offering numerous choices and options and we've dealt with them all. But when one lens consistently performs better than all others we take notice.

HOYA is a Japanese manufacturer known for its high quality optical products, and their single vision PHOENIX lenses are remarkable. We are not gonna bore you with all the technical lingo ( their are super light, impact resistant, blah-blah-blah). All you need to know is that optics are incredible. In our lab, we use vintage Bausch and Lomb lensmeter to read the lenses and it never lies. Most lenses will be imperfect, reading slightly higher or lower in power. It is never the case with Phoenix lenses. If the lens is supposed to be -3.00 it will read EXACTLY -3.00 on the scale, not - 2.90, not -3.12. EXACTLY -3.00. And that's just cool. In today's world where quality is a vague concept it is refreshing to see this kind of precision time after time.

So yeah, we recommend it. Ask for it.

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