Saturday, April 23, 2011

ORGREEN OPTICS @ Spectacles For Humans

There are very few collections in the world that get your blood flowing faster... ORGREEN OPTICS is one of them. From the day we unwrapped first shipment from Denmark a lot has changed, but one one thing remains constant - ORGREEN continues to impress. There is never a hint of simplicity, even in the simplest of styles. The colors are more vibrant and reserved at the same time, and the acetate collection is a marvel of lightness and perfect fit. And this time Spectacles For Humans is proud to present the best selection of Orgreen styles anywhere in the world. Come see for yourself.

Henrik, Sahra, Gregers, Tobias and all the guys at Incite. HATS OFF TO YOU!

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Notcathy said...

Wow, that was great sunglasses.. I am curious, is it has a Uv protection? Thanks!