Friday, November 28, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

The first time we saw Jeremy Tarian collection was awhile ago, and we loved it at first sight. The problem was we had no shelf space for a new collection, however brilliant it was. After cleaning the feathers and shedding some old skin,  we made room and here it is, Jeremey Tarian eyewear at Spectacles For Humans. 

Impeccably made in France this collection is not only beautifully French it's has a very strong vibe of cosmopolitan coolness. And that's exactly what's  missing when you see the majority of French produced eyewear. Most French designers can't seem to overcome their own French-ness.  Not that there's anything wrong with it or they have to, but it does limit the appeal in certain ways. French style is not universal after all. It's just what French people like. 

Well, there's nothing cute about Jeremy's frames.  Just like his father, eyewear legend Alain Mikli, whose frames were never ever cute,  Tarian's designs strike us with their subtle coolness and yes, French elegance without being overbearingly French. This is still a young collection but already there are fans all over the world and we are sure it will connect with San Franciscans as well. 

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