Wednesday, August 16, 2006

news, updates, Adidas and Reindeer antlers

Couple of items in this one. Vibskov's order is shipping out mid next week - there was a delay with strong undies...They were tested and the results showed they were not strong enough. LOL. I don't know, something was wrong, they say, but they are busy fixing it and we should have the entire collection here in two weeks at the most. I am really looking forward to it.

Below, photo from Vibskov's recent show in Paris.

Good news from Meyer Eyewear as well. The guys are back from holidays and ready to work. I shall compose an order in the next day or two and hopefully we'll soon be receiving styles that were sold out for the past 2 months. Alas...there were some bad news too. Clients waiting for Reindeer horn temples will have to wait a little longer, I am afraid. I was surprised to find out that Meyer people actually have scouts traversing the forests of Lappland looking for horns that had been shed by deer. How special is this special order, I ask you. Wow!!

Last week we were approached by people from Silhouette. Silhouette, of course, is mostly known for its line of titanium three piece eyewear which the company introduced several years ago. I am told it is still extremely popular. I appreciate the concept, but I feel the line is rather simple and frankly almost too pedestrian for us....And so we passed.
With that said, Austrian based Silhouette, the name synonymous with high quality in Europe, also produces eyewear for such sportswear icon as Adidas. Together, they recently introduced a new collection of Adidas Originals, but at this point, it is only available in Europe. Yes, I find it offensive. Why not US? Anyway, the wheels are in motion. If we can't get it through Silhouette USA, we will track it down and order the collection directly from Austria. I'll only say, the styles are hot! If you come across the recent issue of WAD magazine, check out FlyBoy sunglasses in "A VUE DE NEZ" photoshoot by Eric Sauvage. Very nice!



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