Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gotti: new styles are coming next week

As summer nears the end, our Euro suppliers are starting to come alive and shipments of new styles are on their way. I was told by very well rested Rahel at Gotti&Niederer's command post in Wadenswil, that we will be receiving our long awaited backorders early next week, given that shipment quickly clears customs.

To people who are new to eyewear I can say that all of Gotti's acetate frames are personally designed by Sven Gotti and made in Germany from highest quality material. As expert opticians, the Gotti and Niederer team knows all too well how important both comfort and quality are to people who wear eyeglasses. Their nosebridge sizes are slightly wider than most plastic frames I see today, allowing for better placement on the nose and overall superior fit and feel. Almost all the frames appear delicate and slender from the front, and the looks are not deceiving due to lighweight acetate and comfort features mentioned above. Looking at frames from the side you will notice that designers often chose to balance their creations with sexy streamlined temples which curve gently around your head instead of pressing against the gentle skin on the back of your ears. In my humble opinion Gotti frames are pure sophistication, and their well-crafted styles and understated Swiss lines offer modern and elegant European look to customers who only want the best.

model Carl

model Chloe

model Claus

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