Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gotti new styles

Yup, the 3 new styles from Gotti I've been talking about lately, they are here at last. Say hello to Carl, Chloe and Claus. Besides their obviously attractive and very wearable shapes, I like tasteful new details and slight color adjustments. See picture below.

On Sunday, Day came by to look for new sunglasses and we certainly had fun trying all shapes and styles before settling down on two really good candidates in the end.

Here are the choices.

After much deliberation, we all (Day's boyfriend was brought in to help with the elimination process) agreed that if one ever wanted giant sunglasses, the time is now. Dita's Supa-Dupa in burgundy/amber won!

1 comment:

Shaz said...

i have the supa dupa in that color as well and i LOVE them. They were my first Dita pair and i am definitely going to be adding more and more Dita to my collection. They are just stunning, fresh and don't have tacky logos or overdone bling on them. Just sophisticated and classy!

Next pair i would love to get is the Targa, Cabaret or Wonderlust, heck, i'll probably end up with all of them eventually lol.

Day looks beautiful in hers too.