Thursday, August 17, 2006


We received our Orgreen shipment today and all of the outstanding orders were completed and delivered to very happy customers. One after another folks rushed in to pick up their long awaited new frames. Four people in a row left each with a new pair of Orgreen frames on their nose. Unfortunatelly I only had time to take a quick shot of Lisa. Here she is, looking very street cool in her outfit and completed by a sharp new pair of Orgreen's, style P56 in brown and orange.

Thanks Lisa and enjoy!

Henrik, that's him making a heavy metal face at the top of the post, is the owner and the designer of Orgreen frames and is all about quality and cool details. Notice, for example, how the temples from his P56 style appear to mimik the wavy design on the side of a '56 Corvette. Very, very cool, don't ya think?

P56 meet '56 Corvette

'56 Corvette, Orgreen P56.

And here's me in my Mandrake in dark blue and orange. The cut outs on Mandrake are very reminicent of air vents on vintage BMW 507 roadster, no? Look for yourself.

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gmeow76 said...

what a great idea for a blog! wish i knew about this site before i shopped for my latest eyewear recently. are any of these stores affiliated with VSP? keep up the good work!