Saturday, August 5, 2006

Meyer Eyewear

In the past, when we encountered well designed spectacles made from ultra-light and flexible materials, it did not occur to us that for someone, somewhere, it just may not be enough. The year is 2005, and enter the stage two talented opticians, Charlotta and Thomas Meyer. Meyer Eyewear is born in Germany.

Above, two identical New York styles, both in grey titanium. The frame on the left is fitted with Reindeer horn temples (retail $950.00US), the one on the right - with Buffalo horn( retail $795US).

Meyer frames combine Swedish restrain and beauty (Charlotta is Swedish) with German functionality and quality. The way they see the purpose of eyewear is close to how we understand it - good eyeglasses must engage many human senses. They should look good, feel nice to touch and be unconditionally comfortable. And made of pure materials only, like Meyer! Pure titanium is the material of choice for Charlotta and Thomas but they go further. Ultra sleek titanium finds itself in company of Nature's most luxurious offerings - Buffalo horn and Reindeer horn. While Buffalo horn is used quite frequently as a medium for eyewear, the use of Reindeer horn is unique, quite frankly. And not to worry, no animals are harmed, as both types of horn are harvested during natural process of seasonal shedding.

Meyer Eyewear Collection is exclusively available at bp+eyewear: spectacles for humans in San Francisco.

Below, Reindeer temple detail.

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