Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tsubi sunglasses.

By now you probably know that sporting a tiny pair of sunglasses gets you nowhere with the opposite sex. What you also need to know is that looking like an out of work pimp or an extra from the first Matrix is not going to score you points with thr right people either. This season its all about harmony and proportion and the fun loving guys at Tsubi from Down Under got the look so right. Designer Graz takes classics from 60's -80's, adding his personal touches, reworking the lines ever so slightly and pushes them into the modern day. He is also adamant about the quality of his designs. He expects to see them on the shelves of the vintage stores 20-30 years later. I think he just might.

From top to bottom, Tsubi Manga in Brown, Tsubi Plastic in Pink and Tsubi Old are some of the styles we currently have in stock.

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