Thursday, October 12, 2006

MYKITA comes through.

So about a month or so ago, I have a gentleman customer who really loved one of the MYKITA frames - style Hugo, pictured below. The only objection we both had was the color which we had in stock, black. Trying other styles from MYKITA in brown, it was obvious that warmer and friendlier tone was the way to go. All said and done and lenses ordered on the spot, it was time for me to go into MYKITA's site to order the frame....Username, password, collection...Hugo is not available in brown?! Oh, God!! How is it possible?! Why not?? Grey, silverline, black, but no brown. It had to be an error of some kind, I thought.

And so the next day I catch MYKITA guys on their way to Vegas trade show and explain the whole ordeal. Model Hugo, they tell me, is specifically designed to satisfy demand in Asian markets for strong, masculine, modern double-bridge frame based on a classic aviator shape. Black and silver colors are the only colors they have ever produced in this style... but, and here comes the unexpected part, they understand my predicament and are willing to manufacture one single frame in brown, just to please my customer...

I was speechless, to say the least. In the day when you can't squeeze a pair of replacement sun lenses from giant companies who make millions off fashion victims, it is refreshing to see such high standard of customer service. Bravo MYKITA!!!

And so ladies and gentlemen, it arrived today.

I give you the one and only, MYKITA Hugo in brown!

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