Friday, October 13, 2006

Martin & Martin update

Got a call from Martin Lehmann, one of the Martins in Martin&Martin Eyewear, announcing that after almost 10 years the company is finally ready to start supplying their clients, meaning us, retailers, directly from Germany. With middleman almost gone, (Incite International is holding on to distribution license for Martin&Martin until the end of this year) we hope to see a minor price drop...I say we hope, I am not holding my breath though.
What we are really hoping to see is swift changes in delivery time. That will be a huge plus to all, because right now, it takes us about a month to get a replacement model back in stock and that puts everyone from designers to customers at serious disadvantage.
So yes,I am glad Martin called and cleared the air, as no matter how much we appreciated their designs and quality, without knowing what was going to happen to their US distribution, we could not move forward with orders as much as we liked.
It looks like we are back on track and we'll be talking more with them at SILMO in Paris in less than 2 weeks, and hopefully leaving with lots of new styles!
In the meantime... I have secured the entire current Martin&Martin Collection to be available for viewing at our store starting tomorrow. Just to let you know, stuff like this never happens. So if you have never heard or seen Martin&Martin collection, the time is now. Visit their website and then stop by our shop and try their frames on. You will be impressed just like we are.


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