Friday, October 13, 2006


Silent "T" will be swapped for silent "K" and all products under the brand name Tsubi to be phased out by next October...

I am pretty sure this was long in the works, and I suspected something was fishy right away, when Tsubi suddenly pulled their hotter than sun jewelry collection off the market earlier this year. I imagine there was an agreement to stay within the sphere of influence, but as Tsubi growth continued to spiral out of control, and company emerged as major design force of mega proportions, the names began to compete.

It's unfortunate it had to happen this way, but.... I am planning to stock up on existing original Tsubi designs just so I can bootleg the stuff later on...

"Pst, listen boy, you wanna see real Tsubi "Old"? How about Suede "The Drowners"?"

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