Wednesday, November 1, 2006

We are back from Paris!

We had a blast in France, but it's nice to be back in good old San Fran! All the schmoozing, all that late night partying with wild and crazy Euros had its toll. Let me tell you, these guys take nightlife seriously and they don't leave until the dance floor is all torn up. Lucky for us, we were able to leave a few days earlier and that gave us a chance to chill a little in Champagne region.

Seriously though, we partied hard, but we worked even harder.
Paris shows are always massive, but this one felt bigger than anything I've tackled before. With about 1,000 companies showing their goods this year, I think I lost about 10 lbs navigating the Silmo's gargantuan halls.
Take a look at the size of the Main Hall. This one alone needed a week.

Anyway friends, I am not going to be writing a novel here, as I have more work at the shop than I can shake a stick at, but I promise, I will add more details later and as we go. The frames should start arriving in about a month and so for now, I give you a quick pictorial, complete with personal highlights of the show and brief descriptions.

It doesn't look like I'm going to France, does it now?

Hanging out at Orgreen's place.

New styles are ultra fresh and will be here SOON!

Trying Orgreen frames... the right way.

Olga and our man at Orgreen, Rene.

Sarah is wearing one of Orgreen new styles.

Thomas and Charlotta Meyer.

Newest addition to Meyer line up of luxury materials - Holz. I know, I know, we call it wood...but sounds so noble in German.

More awesome wood frames. This one is from M.A.D.E., a company created by a couple of design obsessed Danes. Please don't ask me to repeat native names of the types of wood they use for their frames...poplinka? We ordered several (best) shapes in really cool colors and they should be here early next month.

MYKITA booth.

No pics were allowed inside - we were looking at prototypes and there were too many industry spies around.
When we saw these new plastics, we immediately bought almost everything (out of this world!) and (good news!) we shall be getting them sometime in January, way before they are even shown to US customers next Spring in New York.
I wish I had pics to share though. The colors, I haven't seen anything like this before. These amazing, solid colors in earthy tones are set to replace the current trend of over-indulging in bright cutesy colors.

Anthony Meima's acetate frames. Simple, elegant, stylish and what quality! All entirely hand made. Once again, we will be the first to bring it to SF...

.... as soon as next month!

More French design genius at work - Jen Mood's multi-functional eyewear accessories - chain, belt and necklace....all in one.

But hey, not all of it was work! We are nuts about cool eyeglasses, but we are not crazy to miss out on what France has to offer.
So here are few pictures from our short detour to Champagne before the show.

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