Friday, November 3, 2006

New MEYER styles arrive!

Yes, we finally have few new and most of the sold out styles back in stock. In addition, we have received 9 frames with Reindeer horn temples (stunning!) and one new set of Buffalo horn temples (beautiful!). Let me just refresh the page and remind you that Reindeer horn is a 100% natural material. It is admired for its unique beauty throughout Scandinavia and used widely in crafts. Animals are not harmed in any way, since they shed their horns right around this time each year. Those are then collected by specially trained scouts and sorted for size. The process is extremely time consuming and we have been waiting for this batch for 6 and a half months, and already, given we sold two sets within 3 hours of their arrival, I am thinking it would be wise to order more RIGHT NOW!

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Meyer New York in titanium with Reindeer temples.

Reindeer temple detail.

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