Monday, January 8, 2007

New Onkel's

More styles are in! Fresh off the UPS truck!!

I love ONKEL cases. They are so PLASTIC! Each comes with a microfiber pouch though which doubles as a cleaning cloth. Clever.
Model Fizz, a medium size men's frame. It is as bold as it is well constructed. All ONKEL frames are a rare combination of acetate front and Aluminum temples.

Temple detail. Barrel hinge, one side of it is sucked into plastic, is riveted into Aluminum temple and is there to stay.

Temples have grooves on the inside to add extra traction. Looks cool too, if you ask me.

Another look, but from the outside. As you see, rivets are shaved off clean and become an element of design with nostalgic overtones. Back in 40's and 50's and all the way into 60's Aluminum was prefered material for eyewear due to its lightness and durability. With Titanium entering the scene, Aluminum has been all but fazed out from mass production, but it remains a favorite among many eyewear designers.
When it come to colors for acetate, these are chosen not to counteract the metal, but to compliment. In this case, the front is a laminate of black and grey, with grey being a transitional color which anchors darker Aluminum and creates an appealling look.

My favorite part. From this angle you can see raw aluminum. The designer left it this way specifically to emphasize the integral part Aluminum plays in his spectacles.

Tamy, Fizz and Ozzy below.


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