Monday, January 8, 2007

'07 arrivals

The last word is AlekPaul's are definitely shipping this week and sold out and brand new shapes from Onkel are in Oakland already and will be in the shop this Monday.

Jen Mood accessories are also on their way and will be here in a week. Not much for guys in this one, I must say, but girls will find exquisite handmade acetate jewelry that also functions as eyewear chains ... and belts. Hot, hot, hot!

New Andy colors from Vibskov and 17" Piggysan laptop covers are promised as well. I am not holding my breath on laptop skins though, those sell out before they are made. Book yours now.

We are finally looking to get our hands on 6 pairs of all wood frames from M.A.D.E. and while this is a new parnership for us, you better keep a close eye on these 'cause I know, they won't last, even at $695.00 a piece.

February is practically around the corner and it will bring us brand new styles from Reiz Augenspiel and new sunglasses from Blinde.

Haven't talked business with Meyer guys, except for quick merry xmas and all that, but the Silmo order of brand new styles and new fine wood temples is set for mid February as well.

Everything is in order... Except for MYKITA's Bruce sunglasses style and sadly I have 3 people still waiting for their Christmas gifts. Unfortunately that's what happens if you want the best shape in the newest color. Sorry guys, I am working on it....Well, not me personally, but wheels are in motion and with holidays behind us we should be getting them soon.

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