Sunday, January 7, 2007

Way to go Self Edge!

If you live in San Francisco, or anywhere else in Bay Area for that matter, and don't know who they are yet, you need to tune up your coolness radar. These denim heads bring the hottest denim from the most obscure, quality obsessed manufacturers in Japan into their new Valencia street shop. Just a few months ago they took over the old Leather Toungue's space, stacked it ceiling high with most amazing, impossible to find jeans, added hip hoodies and t-shirts and opened doors to rave reviews from both connoisseurs and novices alike.
SF Chronicle featured Self Edge in their Style section this week, and I suggest you dig up that article and memorize few proper words before you head on over to the shop. You will look just a tad less dorky if you drop "selvege" or "flaheads" now and then. But if you are reluctant to spend time to hone your denim lingo, drop in anyway. The staff is ultra-friendly and helpful and will guide you through all their products with ease and patience, and when you're ready to drop a few bills on that unique pair of Samurais or Iron Hearts, you will be doing so with confidence, knowing you're buying the best. Check it out for yourself!

Some pictures from last night opening party.

Kiya, in the middle, one of the proprietors of Self Edge, is wearing one of the coollest frames from Reiz Augenspiel - model Taiwan in faux-wood finish. Minya is seen sporting Vibskov's Piggy San black scarf.

Iron Heart
biker jacket I want.

Party scene.
Iron Heart label in the mist of the party.

My new Flat Heads - slim fit 3001 with some kind of deadstop zipper. I totally don't know what it means, but I want it. These pants are so stiff you can literally stand them. Anyway, I better go on a diet and lay off duck confit and Burgundy for few weeks to fit into these.
Thanks guys!

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