Friday, February 16, 2007

Linda Farrow Vintage update

OK, the bad news first - it's gonna take a little longer to get it, as it looks like LFV might've pulled the distribution from the dudes in LA. At least I no longer need to wonder what the hell is going on with my order. It sounded very strange when the two days before my trip to LA-LA land the guy emails me to cancel, saying he had to ship collection back to England for some show...Hmn...

The good news is Linda Farrow Vintage frames are absolutely fantastic and we'll be getting the Collaboration collections very soon!

I am psyched I am finally be getting my hands on Veronique Branquinho's sleek avaitors

Eley Kishimoto's colorful and sexy shapes

and Matthew Williamson's seductive and ultra feminine style.

There are also 3 super-hot styles from Sophia Kokosalaki.

Here's one of them.

Stay tuned!

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