Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reiz newsletter

We've recently heard from the hardest working men in eyewear business - Jochen Gutbrid and Franz Deiter, designers of most exquisite spectacles from Germany, REIZ AUGENSPIEL. This is what they had to say about recent Silmo show.

"Paris Trade Fair

The Paris Silmo is one of the largest international trade fairs. With that, it is
not only an indicator for the strength of a collection, it is also a great
opportunity to present something new.

The number of REIZ partners all over the world has grown. The feedback for
our 3-D series „lovely animals“ and the „flats“ was fantastic. These fine and
pure shapes are obviously something that not only we believe in...

These glasses will quickly attract a trendy clientele and enable them to make
a clear style statement. The four designs were first to be seen in October in
Tokyo and Paris.

Colour Trends

Grey is not only taking over from classic black in the clothes sector, but also
in the field of eyewear fashion.
The clear and not too rough contrast appears elegant and graceful,
enhancing the shape of the frame excellently. In combination with earthy
colours the glasses are conspicuous without being obtrusive. Combined with
strong contrasts it takes on a harmonic and fine character."

As it stands, we expect the new collection in our store within weeks.

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