Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Spivvy time

We have been talking with Yuji at Kaneko for a year now trying to figure out how SPIVVY would fit at Spectacles for Humans.
Yes. It's a go ahead.

By all accounts, this is a brilliant line with quality levels that are simply untouchable. Employing supernaturally skilled craftsmen SPIVVY is a line of spectacle frames of unparalleled precision and beauty and we are more proud than happy to be pioneering it in San Francisco. We've had some concerns about few technical aspects but they have been worked out and we are anxiously awaiting the results.

But hold it, we did not stop there.

Somebody had to physically make these frames.

We just knew there was a true artist behind it and we were not leaving without his creations. Master craftsman Yoichi.... His personal collection of handcrafted frames is coming to US for the first time.

Sure, these take awhile to produce, as each piece is so carefully assembled you'd think they are putting together the next generation of Mars Rovers. But you see, Japanese tradition cannot be hurried and we are willing to wait. Just like we were willing to wait for someone to come along and edit vintage Astro Boy with John Maus' sound.

We would travel through the sky...

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