Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's talk about REIZ

Like a stealth bomber REIZ design team have been causing serious havoc on international eyewear scene for the past several years. Energetic and dangerously talented, REIZ have created an underground fiend brand that does not just appeal to creative types, it makes them cry.

Johan and Franz pose with Eyewear of 2008 award at IOFT, below.

Designers' quest for perfect acetate eyewear is yielding incredible results and anyone holding a pair of REIZ spectacles will know in an instance it is a genuine article and it is build to last.

As far as the shapes go, we love the way REIZ styles evolve but always aim high and straight at the intellectual consumer. Details are discreet and tasteful, and branding is minimal.
Form and Presence is everything here and the new collection, straighforwardly named COLORS, is no exception.

Spectacles for Humans have been offering Lovely Animals Collection since April of 2007 and we see nothing but praise from our customers. Designers' take on classic black and crystal acetate combo is particularly intriguing, resulting in unusual, sort of suspended appearance.
The feedback REIZ have gotten from clients was overwhelming and expanding this theme was only natural.

Crafty COLORS manifest the best and the latest REIZ shapes in unique, custom color schemes. As usual REIZ did not hold back and neither did we did ... ordering the entire line up for January delivery.

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