Saturday, October 6, 2007

Off to Japan

Unsatisfied with local scene, we are off to explore the amazing world that is Japanese eyewear.
We'll be spending the next several days, entire week almost, talking sleek bevels, sexy curves and rust free hinges with some of the world's most incredible producers and craftsmen and we can hardly contain the excitement. Yes , we can get crazy as in "come home with me tonight, my Egyptian lover" about specs. There is no other way...

There are certain challenges when it comes to eyewear produced in Japan, yet we plan to break through racial fitting guidelines and hope to achieve new heights of comfort through careful modifications. Lines to watch are Spec Espace, Spivvy, Effector, PropoDesign....
We'll be talking about these a lot soon! hah-hah!
Look for live updates from Tokyo and stay tune for detailed reports! One thing is certain, Spectacles for Humans will never be the same.

While we are gone, enjoy some current sound from Beginner. Yes, we understand, German Rap may not be your typical background static, yet there is a time and a place for it, and it is here, at Spectacles for Humans, and now.

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