Friday, October 12, 2007

Back from TOKYO!

We are back from IOFT and our hearts are still pounding from all the excitement and cool stuff we ordered. In fact, we think...NO, we are sure you will simply flip out when you see what's coming to Spectacles for Humans over the next couple of months.

SPIVVY... PROPODESIGN... SPEC ESPACE ... Ptolemy48....DERAPAGE...New Acetate Collection from ORGREEN ...
And hey, Spec Espace and PropoDesign are coming to the US for the first time!!

The same I believe is true for DERAPAGE, from Turin based Nico Design Studio. The frames are incredible examples of innovation, design and quality and it is our pleasure to be able to offer them at Spectacles for Humans. Stunning, and I will repeat it again, STUNNING!!

Too tired to talk about each new line in length right now, I promise a more detailed report in the next couple of days.

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