Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3 days with DeromeBrenner

We are continuing down the path of recovery from the gargantuan event that was DeromeBrenner Trunk Show. To say the shop was full is a brutal joke and severe understatement...
We were completely booked, swamped and sold out. The amount of people we served and entertained with killer acetate creations from DeromeBrenner's current and upcoming 2008 Collection was staggering.
More than we could foresee or imagine, this rare opportunity to meet the designers, drew crowds from farthest corners of Bay Area and beyond; people came in droves. And they certainly did not miss out! Everyone enjoyed cool eyewear designs, music and a bit of alcohol.

Kiya of SelfEdge, was one of the first to give new DB styles a thorough pat down. Below, Kiya is examining the lamination on a pair of Stardust 6 while Sydney and Xavier look on.

Xavier and Aurelia send cheers to a customer in San Diego.

Xavier Derome is working his magic.

* Notice the crack in the wall above the monitor - result of latest earthquake.

The genius.
The scene.
More DB action.
The French pavilion looked festive.

DJ Xavier learns new moves from Deejay.

Several people abandoned their "made in china" beauties after making a DeromeBrenner purchase.

DJ Jerad.
Showing off the Basque colors - green and red...On Christmas!

Aurelia gives a tour of latest styles.

Aurelia approves.


Aurelia Brenner and Xavier Derome pose with Erina.

Olga and Aurelia relax at Tamasei sushi.

More to come!!!!

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