Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mykita Collection No.2

At last!

Shiny and new, frames from Collection No.2 by MYKITA made their debut at Spectacles for Humans on Thursday.

Needless to say, we are thrilled! Everyone at the shop is having difficulty examining the nifty screwless hinges though, mainly because the colors are too mesmerizing. What a beautiful product, BRAVO!!

And everyone is in agreement...These frames rock!!! The hinges are another example of ingenuity and talent that is MYKITA design team. Unlike stainless steel frames, the hinges on acetates gently fold inward, and while acetates don't offer the flexibility of metal frames, the styling here is impeccable. On display, sleek shapes and glossy colors make MYKITA frames look like candy and you cannot help but to take one... or two...or three.
And that's exactly what we been faced with in the past 2 days - people are having difficulties making up their minds about which color to pick because they like all of them! The Warm Grey is stunning, and so is the chocolate-like Brown, pic below. You add to that super-glossy Black and cool Grey, and customers start giggling nervously.
And in the end, we don't even sell floor samples, and instead will be ordering new frames with expected delivery in 2-4 weeks.
Only two people were able to score actual physical frames.
, a MYKITA devotee, had our promise he'll be the first one to comb through our first delivery of acetates. He chose model Cedric in Cool Grey.
And then there was Kyia, of San Francisco's best denim store, SelfEdge. Always among the first in the know, he's already cruising around town in a brand new model Enzo in Cool Grey.

Model Enzo in Brown, below.


Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing. Any actual pics of the cedric model and the cool grey colorway?

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in pics of the Cedric model as well ...