Thursday, December 6, 2007

Frame of the day: DeromeBrenner Jacky 2

We've been working on finding the right pair of acetate specs for Brandon in San Diego for the past couple of weeks. He's anxious to speed away from skinny, nondescript metal frames and venture into the world of handmade acetate. This move has its challenges and we are getting close to working out all the sizing issues. After trying on a pair of REIZ Ratte frames, we've come to conclusion we needed to size down a bit and make adjustments to nose bridge size. Wondering if he should wait until MYKITA acetate collection comes out, Brandon mentioned DeromeBrenner Trunk Show and whether we mightbe able to find something in DB line up for him. Of course!
Enter model Jacky 2. This will work beautifully, and it will be the greatest way to start wearing acetate frames. We only foresee one potential problem... You start with the best, and you will not be able to stomach the generic stuff. NEVER!

God help him picking the color though, hahah!

1 comment:

ayn said...

my .02: do not get the black pair! ;)