Saturday, December 8, 2007

Spectacles for Humans: Remixed

This is Sparta!

In a very short time Spectacles for Humans have become the North American leader and a bastion of progressive eyewear designs. In today's world of "masstige", where unsuspecting consumers, flooded with fake luxury, unknowingly decorate themselves with questionable merchandise, we are proud to be the brave lone source of quality and good optical design. What we have been able to achieve is truly amazing and is more than encouraging, and looking in to the 2008, we are very excited about the future where we will continue to promote the ideas of craftsmanship, original design and quality. That, after all, is at the heart of our philosophy and we have no other choice but to press on with the divine plan.

But there is a darker, sinister side to it all ... And like Billy Mumphrey, who as you may remember, was "a simple country boy; you might say, a cockeyed optimist"; like him, we too got ourselves "mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue".

In other words, we got remixed.

Oh, this is not new; we are used to people milking our blog for ideas but some, like a certain Optometry shop in Tel-Aviv, have literally taken inspiration and "copy and paste" to a new level.

Without further due, I present to you
(Deja Vu ... could you think of a better name for plagiarists??) the so-called "creators" of which are taking the liberty of helping themselves to our blogging efforts with "unbridled enthusiasm".

Exhibit A.

Dita Opticals San Francisco

Dita Opticals Israel

Exhibit B.

Back from IOFT

Back from Silmo

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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