Sunday, December 9, 2007

Revolution of style by DeromeBrenner

In the busiest of moments, during typical Saturday afternoon's stampede at Spectacles for Humans, we've heard from Xavier and Aurelia, who have landed safely at LAX.
They are doing well among the natives and are planning to spend a few days in LA, soaking up some of that that juicy SoCal culture, then heading up North to San Francisco for the much talked about Trunk Show.

Needless to say, we at Spectacles for Humans are silently screaming from excitement of hosting the international design dignitaries and with our best underwear freshly bleached and handsomely ironed, we are gearing up for one special event.

A few words must be said, again, about DeromeBrenner designs.
We've been hooked on DB handsome shapes and smashing color combinations since 2005 . Fighting hard with UPS customs clearance office to get our first shipment into the store in time for Grand Opening, explaning that Croc Manchette is not really made of crocodile, made us realize we were onto something.

Since then, day after day, we stand firmly against the herds of Prada and Gucci seekers, proudly presenting DeromeBrenner, the pinnacle of French eyewear design and one of finest examples of handmade acetate in the world.

Intellectual consumers took notice immediately, recognizing astonishing quality the French duo was offering and now, less than 2 years later, DeromeBrenner is BIG and on its way to become a household name that represents exceptional quality and design.

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