Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spektrum - We All Live And Die

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vision Monday September Special Issue

Dimitri F.
Manager, Optician and Frame Buyer
Spectacles for Humans
San Francisco, Calif.

“Our optical customers want frames that display their purpose through their design. In color, gold and silver, as well as custom acetate colorations are going to be the biggest sellers. Customers will also be seeking out 3-D design details, limited edition collections and handcrafted acetate frames.

Strong sunwear trends include the double bridge and navigator inspired shapes. Fifties frames are a must, like those on Matt Damon in the movie ‘The Good Shepherd.’ For sun lenses gradient colors are certainly going strong.

At Spectacles for Humans, it is important for us to invite the designers in to show their products and share them with our customers. In December, we have Xavier Derome and Aurelia Brenner from DeromeBrenner flying in from France to participate in a three-day bacchanalia of style, eyewear, fashion, accessories, design and music.

Other than that, we just allow the product to tell its own story on display and we include more accessories and other products from designers who create eyewear--underwear, T-shirts, laptop covers, backpacks, jewelry, etc.--so our customers can really understand and identify with our brands.”

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spectacles for Humans does Tokyo

We at Spectacles for Humans are simply giddy with anticipation of the upcoming trip to the Land Of Rising Sun. In 2 weeks, on October 7th, we are leaving the foggy reality of San Francisco to participate in 20th International Optical Fair in Tokyo.
Easily the dopest show in business, IOFT is promising to be an incredible showcase of design and talent. There are several, absolutely smashing things in the works already, and we can't wait to dig in.
In the land where craftsmanship still matters, we will find the best and bring it home!

Stay tune for live reports from Tokyo!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Addicted to culture

Punks Jump Up - Dance To Our Disco.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

REIZ Hecht

Stephen debated hard between a pair of Onkel and a pair of Reiz.
Having to choose between two outstanding frames is not an easy task, but in the end, model Hecht from REIZ's Lovely Animals collection won his heart.

Fitted with real Zeiss lenses (yes, imported from Germany), this stellar set of specs not only looks good, it delivers performance beyond anything your average set of glasses can achieve.

Ksubi: '08 preview

Far from their humble garage origins, Ksubi (formerly Tsubi), are planning to take over the eyewear world by storm.
Having just taken a look at new styles from Ksubi, we have to say we are very excited about what the guys have for us for next year. The post-Graz collection is still turbulent and very fashion forward, destined to be an eyecandy for those in the know.

Shifting gears and slightly moving away from its classic unisex styling, Ksubi Eye will also see an addition of great female styles in zesty custom colors like purple and pearl. (We are really digging the purple!)

Personal favorite, Padget.

Mr.Drew, representing.

There is also crazy talk of Ksubi (maybe) introducing a couple of Ophthalmic styles down the road. Huh!? Long overdue, we say...
And then, there is the new Jewelry collection...More about that later!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Supersized with REIZ

Kudos to Stan The Man , above, for sweet talking the UPS Customs Clearing office lady into letting us have our REIZ shipment ontime and without painful delays!

The new additions to Lovely Animals Collection are as beautiful as expected and they will add even more depth and diversity to our discriminating selection.

Fuchs Und Falke.

Frosch Und Fasan.

Visit Spectacles for Humans for one of the best presentations of REIZ eyewear in the world.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grand Reserved

Paul, visiting from Seattle, walked into Spectacles for Humans and immediately saw a pair of Grand Reserve sunglasses from DITA's Select Opticals. Impressed by its extraordinary quality and awe-inspiring details, he had to have it. The fact that it looked like a million bucks on him did not hurt one bit.

Incredible colors from Orgreen

Ever since the MIDO trade show in Milan, back in May of this year, we were on the waiting list to get our hands on the new cool styles and colors from Orgreen Optics. Released in July in both Europe and Japan, the new finishes are finally making their appearance at Spectacles for Humans.

in Shiny Gold and Neon Pink, below.

The colors are simply stunning and while we at Spectacles for Humans always enjoyed and appreciated the creativity and talent of Orgreen team, these beauties are seriously making us weak at our knees.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Style and Function

Getting ready for her trip to Hawaii, Jessye picks model Natali in Caspian Tortoise from SALT Optics.

Oversized, yet not huge, the frame fits like it was custom made.
We really felt bad for Jessye since she has to spend weeks, and weeks in Hawaii, and suggested she takes the frame with SALT's famed polarized lenses. They will make that whole ocean and beach thing a bit more tolerable.
Poor thing...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clandestine operations at REIZ

Top secret project is nearing its conclusion at REIZ Augenspiel headquarters in Wernau, Germany and the results are to be revealed at SILMO show on October 19th in Paris.

For now, details are pretty sketchy and the guys are keeping a really tight lid on it.... So please, hold on to your pantyhose a little longer , and visit Spectacles for Humans blog on October 12th for insider sneak preview, because designs are going to blow you away!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

M.A.D.E. her smile

Sophie is happy to finally get her ultra-rare wooden frames from Danish design duo M.A.D.E.

Finished in beautiful Wenge, Style 111 is one of our favourite shapes from M.A.D.E.
A stunning piece of eyewear, this particular frame, which is also available in other fine woods like Zebra wood, Walnut and Bubinga, showcases perfect harmony of modern design and famed Danish craftsmanship. Clean lines, soft curves and impressive temples together make up one very wearable piece of exotic lumber.

Below, Style 111 in Zebra Wood.
Price upon request.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

MEYER acetate frames officially unveiled

With most of our European friends coming back to business life in September, you will see healthy inventory injections at Spectacles for Humans.
Today we got the heads up from guys at MEYER Eyewear who just unveiled to public their stylish new Acetate Collection.

Meyer styles are always poetic, reserved and very well executed, and the cool Nordic sentiment and elements of design are still very much the main attraction here. What we see new is how the new medium -acetate- through which Thomas and Charlotta Meyer express their vision dictates warmer flow of lines and softer angles.

Sold before we even saw them, we are putting an order together and expect the new acetate to be here by the end of the month.

Please visit MEYER EYEWEAR 2007 to see what we are so excited about.

Good news from REIZ

My sincere appologies to those who still await their Hummels and Rattes, but the guys at REIZ Augenspiel are finally back from their summer vacation and it looks like they are fully stocked on most styles and we'll have all backorders in about a week.
For now, plese enjoy the preview of some of the newest addition to the hugely popular Lovely Animals Collection which saw an injection of 5 fresh style that will propel this company even higher.