Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to work

Battered for a week by winds and ocean waves, tanned and leather'd, we are back from glorious Waikiki beach.

But not too much slacking off here, not to worry. Constantly parading our sunwear selection in front of hordes of Japanese vacationers, we never stopped planning, brainstorming , kneading the future scape for Spectacles for Humans.

OK, OK, we might have taken a moment or two to teach younger generation how to take life by the horns by going spearfishing ...

While we were gone a lot of things were happening on new deliveries front and most of them were delays in production.
Orgreen acetates are delayed and so are MYKITA plastics. It looks good for Spivvy frames and they should be coming in really soon.
As far as Mykita frames go, as production of stainless frames seem to be getting under control, acetates are impossible to secure. For instance, we've been getting a lot of inquiries about a certain Mykita style. Sadly, all we got is a music video featuring (heavily) the frame.
Model Walter by MYKITA.

Bettina pack deine BrĂ¼ste ein
Bettina zieh dir bitte etwas an


Anonymous said...

hi... what's the latest on the potential LA store?


Good question. We are working on it is the best I can do right now. The problem is we are too busy here in SF and that is seriously slowing us down. We are opening another store on the street and once that is up and running, we will try to tackle the LA thing.