Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's finally happening

Weekend brings exciting news from our new friends in Japan...
Yes, yes, yes!
frames, and even some pieces from Yoichi collection are getting ready to be shipped. First half of the order will be here in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Few things you must know about these frames.

The quality here is so damn striking you will want to cuddle and hold the frames and examine them like fine pieces of art. No kidding! Even Xavier Derome spoke highly of them during his visit, and Xavier knows acetate like few people on Earth.

Anyway, we are too excited to speak the formal talk...

Yoichi is made by Mr.Sasaki who is also responsible for overseeing the finest production details during creation of Spivvy, and in our eyes, Spivvy proposes one of the most beautifully made acetate eyewear in the world.

Mr.Sasaki is a renowned representative of eyewear craft in Fukui, Japanese epicenter of eyewear manufacturing. With more than 40 years of experience, his filling and polishing techniques leave people breathless. His creations, polished like mirrors without using a polishing machine, maintain all corners. This allows for the edges to give sharp lines, projecting aggressive, rough image that is delicate and sensitive at the same time.

Incredibly well-drawn, the frames are great examples of perfectly executed eyewear and once we found out about their existence, we did not blink, we ordered.

F*** it, we must have.

Unable to persuade us otherwise, Yuji, one of the coolest guys in the indsutry, gave in to our persistent demands and voila!, few months later, Spectacles for Humans is about to touch the eyewear clouds.

And if we are not reaching for the clouds, we might as well pack and go back to Ukraine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Dublin, The Minutes.

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Ken G said...

Man, awesome... now i must figure out when to time my next visit to check out all the cool new frames. Because every time I'm about ready, there is another very cool delivery being made in 2 weeks.