Thursday, February 7, 2008

MYKITA acetates

To answer a question , they have done OK considering we have had so very few to show and even fewer to let go off... Due to very, very sketchy availability, we gambled and refused to sell the in-store samples, and we are very grateful to people who were so kind as to agree to wait for arrival of their special orders, giving us a chance to show the fabled beasts.

Thankfully most orders were complete within 5-6 weeks and those that weren't ... Well, we'll just have to get undressed and do what we do best to make up for longer than promised ETA.

When it comes to fitting, it's a mixed bag and it may be so because we at Spectacles for Humans take this aspect seriously. Hard shoes, because we see too many people wearing poorly fitted frames and while ignorance is a bliss, we only know how do it right and so if it don't fit, we don't profit.

So far some styles, like Jack, above, and now absent from website Marlie, are incredibly difficult to fit, impossible basically, and we had no success in finding faces with which these styles would connect. Others, like Enzo and Cedric, are top of the charts. We love it, people love it and it makes a better world for all of us.
We need more frames like that, fellas!! With Orgreen acetate frames coming fast from around the corner, the heat is on.

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