Friday, February 8, 2008

Orgreen acetates

From seeing the samples in Tokyo to hitting the shelves in only 3,5 months, these guys at Orgreen are brilliant and their latest designs are finally here.
We got them yesterday but not being the types to jump in bed right away, we spent couple of days getting acquainted, rearranging the store, to give these beauties the best spot they deserve ... On display they go tomorrow!

Ah, what the hell, lets beat some drum.

A design powerhouse, Orgreen Optics have been present in US for quite some times, yet they were underrepresented, overlooked and grossly underestimated by your typical goose stepping eyewear cronies. When Spectacles for Humans was coming to fruition, Orgreen was one of the 10 original brands we picked for our line up. Within months, we had the line in and there was no stopping them or us.
Out in the West, at Spectacles for Humans, Orgreen Optics is not only getting the recognition it deserves (finally!) , it is also becoming one of the most coveted brands in the spectacles obsessed Bay Area and beyond.
Today Spectacles for Humans are proud to offer 156 frames by Orgreen Optics to choose from. In stock. .

Pictures of selected frames from acetate collection will be posted Saturday morning.

p.s. For those who might be interested in meeting the guy behind it all, it is almost certain - you know how it is - Spectacles for Humans will be hosting Henrik Orgreen in San Francisco this August. Details later!!


The Etruscan said...

Where, oh where, are the pictures? Also, for us Buffalo wearers, do you have a recommendation?

Self Edge said...

I bought them all, Dimitri doesn't have anything to photograph.
PM me on SuFu, i'm reselling these for $1100 a pair.