Saturday, February 9, 2008

Star material

We have been getting really cozy with the new acetate frames from Orgreen Optics and we say they are the stars! With more than 10 years of eyewear design experience under their belt, Orgreen team is making a stellar comeback into the world of acetate and there is no doubt about that!

When it comes to switching gears, you never really know what you're gonna get from designers who work primarily with metals, stainless steel or titanium, but in this case, the cool Danish guys prove they know what's up. In Tokyo Henrik assured me these new babies will rock our socks off and he wasn't kidding! The frames are better than we could have imagined.

Modernist approach to eyewear design combined with classic Japanese craftsmanship translates into one sweet and very unique package that is very Orgreen. Their new acetate collection immediately sets itself apart by clearly projecting designers' vision of good eyewear - bold, colorful, instantly engaging. The frames are visual candy, and color after color, shape after shape, they draw you in and make you wanna try them and own them all.

Model Naked on display at Spectacles for Humans, below.

Temple detail, below.

Shapes are lean and muscular, proportionally built and very well balanced and to put it mildly, some styles are simply destined to become eyewear design icons.

Model Dash in dark bottle green/army green/orange, below.

Model Shadow, below.

We will be showing new frames starting tomorrow and the talks of a special trunk show are under way. As soon as the entire collection becomes available, we rock it.

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