Friday, March 7, 2008

Move away from the parade

The Spring is here and we at Spectacles of Humans are walking on air, stimulated by recent arrivals from Japan and Germany. Seeing a girl's eyes light up after trying on a pair of Spivvy's, watching a guy shaking his head in disbelief at the way REIZ frames are built. You know, in the end, this is what makes it for us. It is when people find products they can relate to, we know it was all worth it from the start.

The products we choose for Spectacles for Humans are not ordinary and even though we face daily onslaught from various demanding, insisting, complaining and bitching entities, we are willing to press on in the name of perfection. Competitors, wannabe suppliers, even well wishers, everyone seems to be breathing something in our face, but we simply brush them off and go on about what we do best - selecting perfect spectacles for people...

It's just another day at Spectacles for Humans.

The Last Shadow Puppets
"The Age of Understatement"

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