Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mykita Collection 2 - new styles arrive

Like Red Pandas from the Himalayas, MYKITA acetate frames are a rare and elusive animal. Just when you think you have a chance to view one, it disappears, leaving you wishing you'd acted faster.

With production still at low speeds and demand far greater than the company imagined, plastic styles like Cedric and Enzo are selling mostly from our waiting list and if one ends up on a shelve for some crazy reason, it sells within days, if not hours. The two sets of Cedric in Warm Brown we received a couple weeks ago sold on the same day within hours of being out of the box. Huh? Where does it leave us, we ask??

So you understand that when we get a shipment of acetates from MYKITA, we are excited, and when some of these acetates are sunnies!!!, we grab our air guitars.

Model Daniel, below, is in stock in Black. SFH price is $495.

Model Fletcher, below, is in stock in Black and Cool Grey. SFH price is $495.

Model Walter, below, is in stock in Black, Cool Grey and Olive. SFH price is $465.

The video from Fettes Brot has already been posted here, a few weeks ago, but now, with model Walter in stock, here it is again. Besides funny lyrics, girls and music, please pay attention to the way the frames fit these guys.

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