Saturday, March 15, 2008

SALT Optics team in town

The guys from SALT Optics were in our hood this week and popped in to show new collection and talk the optical talk.

We've been partners with SALT for over a year and have nothing but good things to say about them and their products. And let us state the obvious - SALT is quickly becoming a major force on sunglass arena and we are glad to be of help in that process.
Known for their superb lenses, SALT designers always managed to combine fashion and function in numerous attractive packages. Experimenting with modern shapes and bringing strong vintage elements in the final product is a signature and it is definitely helping SALT to stand out in the crowd. Realizing that cutting corners is a sure path to disaster, folks at SALT are always insisting on the best possible materials available today and never shy away from challenges, such as crafting sunnies from a solid block of acetate ... 10mm thick!!!

Model Vance, below, from 2008 Collection is an example of just that.

Staying true to their principals and going the distance to deliver the best possible optics, SALT guys always keep the fashion junkies in mind and insist on fitting all of their styles, even undisguised crowd pleaser like Corsa, with polarized lenses.
Shown below in Silver with Double Gradient!! Polarized lenses this Corsa is as beautiful as it is functional, all at once.

2008 Collection from SALT Optics is coming next week to GLARE, our new sunwear specialty store/project which is scheduled to open next weekend.

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