Friday, June 13, 2008


The world would not be the same without Orgreen Optics. It would definitely be less enjoyable without MYKITA. Take away DeromeBrenner acetates, and you're facing a major disaster.
But where would we all be without Spectacles for Humans???

With 170 Orgreen frames in stock, including all ELEKTRO models, with more than 200 pieces of MYKITA - NOT including Dogma series and hard-to-find acetates, to that then add close to 150 of handcrafted gems from DeromeBrenner...
This situation, friends, does not exist anywhere else in the world.

You see, we don't just want to rely on some clever sales tactics to sell you a frame you don't connect with. We want to go further; we want to share our passion about these outstanding collections and showcase designers' ideas in the best and simplest way - by displaying their products in numbers they deserve. One look at our current display, and you will immediately get the feeling of what MYKITA is all about. Then take look at Orgreens, these are on the opposite side - and they are all about lines and color. Peruse through DB's multiple collections and find out for yourselves why Huggy styles are so highly regarded.

And this is not even all!

Spivvy, PropoDesign, REIZ and others are as unique and draw crowds from all over the world.
Brace yourselves though! One of the most intriguing lines in the world will be making crash landing at Spectacles for Humans soon - SpecEspace folks are finally done playing dodge ball with FDA and are ready "to process of nosepads". That will certainly knock some change out of our coin purse, but we don't care. We must have it our way!

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